D-Isoascorbic Acid
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D-Isoascorbic Acid

CAS #89-65-6

Erythorbic acid or erythorbate, formerly known as iso ascorbic acid and D-arabo ascorbic acid, is a stereoisomer of ascorbic acid.



D-Isoascorbic Acid's chemical properties have many similarities with Vc, but as an antioxidant, it has the inimitable advantage that Vc do not have: 

First, it is superior to the anti-oxidation than Vc, therefore, mixed the Vc, it can effectively protect the properties Vc component in improving the properties have very good results, while protecting the Vc color. 

Second, higher security, no residue in the human body, participating in metabolism after absorb by human body, which can be transformed into Vc partially. In recent years, Chinese medicine take it as complementary information be used in Vc film, Vc Yinqiao-Vc and health care products, and obtain good effect.

FCC(IV) Standards
DescriptionWhite or slight yellow crystals or powderConfrom
IdentificationPasses Test A,B,CConfrom
Assay                  %99.0-100.599.65
Specification Rotation-16.5 degree-18.0 degree-17.70 degree
Heavy metals        mg/kg10 max8
Residue on ignition       %0.3max0.09
Loss on drying           %0.4max0.13
Lead               mg/kg5 max1.4
Clients RequirementsPackaging & Shipping    25kg/drum

Functions and Applications

1. Erythorbic acid is produced in acidic condition by sodium erythorbate.

2. Erythorbic acid has strong reducing action and has effects on reducing blood press, diuresis,generationg liver glycogen,excreting pigment,detoxifying the body.

3. It is non-toxic.Its other applications are familiar to sodium erythorbate. Sodium erythorbateand erythorbic acid are generally recognized as the lastest A-class Green products internationally and have become the commodities in short supply both at home and abroad

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