sodium acetate anhydrous has a very wide range of uses and is suitable for many industries. It is used in the printing and dyeing industry, medicine, photography, electroplating, chemical reagents and organic synthesis. Its physical properties: colorless and odorless crystals, can be weathered in the air, flammable. Soluble in water and ether, slightly soluble in ethanol. The following editor will introduce the role of anhydrous sodium acetate in various industries in detail.

 1. Application of anhydrous sodium acetate in printing and dyeing industry

   It is used to neutralize acidity during dyeing to adjust PH value; in Anilin black anti-dye printing, it is used as a neutralizer for Naphto dye color developing solution, as an anti-brittle treatment agent for sulfur black cloth, etc.

 2. Application in pharmaceutical preparations

   Organic synthesis is used in the manufacture of alkaline diuretics, progesterone thyroxine, cystine and sodium meiopodyx: acetylation supplements, cinnamic acid, benzyl acetate, etc.

 3. Application in Pigment Industry

   Used in direct blue reactive dyes, lake pigment acid storage, Shihlin blue manufacturing, etc. Other raw materials such as tanning, photographic X-ray film fixer and electroplating.

 4. Food-grade anti-corrosion function

   Anhydrous sodium acetate is used as a buffer for seasonings, which can alleviate bad odor and prevent discoloration, and has a certain anti-mildew effect. It can also be used as a sour agent for seasoning sauce, sauerkraut, mayonnaise, fish cake, sausage, bread, sticky cake, etc. Mixed with methyl cellulose, phosphate, etc., to improve the preservation of sausages, bread, sticky cakes, etc.

   The above are the functions and uses of anhydrous sodium acetate in several industries. I did not expect that anhydrous sodium acetate has such a great function. It seems that it has nothing to do with our daily life, but it is actually closely related to our life.

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