In the era of national fitness, exercise has become a healthy way of life, but for people who exercise under high temperature and sweat, it may be a more dangerous thing. Overheating during exercise will not only bring fatigue to the body, but also affect the permeability of blood vessels and the body's ability to dissipate heat. A double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial conducted by High Point University showed that short-term intake of curcumin supplements helps maintain the integrity of the gastrointestinal barrier and physiological stress response during exercise-induced heat stress , the product used in the test is Indea Meriva® curcumin.

In this study, all subjects ingested 5 tablets (500mg each) of Meriva® curcumin or placebo for three days prior to the onset of exercise-induced heat stress (EHS). The doses ingested in the trial were based on two recent clinical studies that demonstrated that Meriva® helps maintain a healthy inflammatory response in the endurance cycle and reduces circulating inflammatory cytokines. Afterwards, subjects completed a 1-hour treadmill exercise in a room with a temperature of 37°C and a humidity of 25% RH.

The researchers assessed EHS in all subjects and found two striking breakthrough results. First, curcumin can reduce the body's core temperature (Tc), average body temperature (Tb), heart rate (HR), and physiological stress index (PSI) during the entire exercise-induced heat stress process; secondly, curcumin can reduce the small intestine after exercise. Circulating concentrations of fatty acid-binding protein (I-FABP) (58% curcumin vs 87% placebo, p = 0.002), maintained gastrointestinal integrity and associated cytokine responses.

Data from multiple studies suggest that the phenomenon of exercise-induced heat stress increases the risk of gastrointestinal injury and exercise heatstroke, primarily because prolonged endurance exercise promotes blood flow to skeletal muscle and skin. Data from this trial suggest that short-term ingestion of curcumin may reduce the risk of EHS in patients who are maladjusted to heat stress. According to Antonella Riva, Product Development Manager at Indina, curcumin maintains physiological mechanisms associated with healthy levels of inflammation by protecting the gastrointestinal system throughout exercise.

Earlier clinical studies have confirmed that curcumin can reduce inflammatory markers and muscle damage in the human body after exercise, and improve exercise performance. Sports nutrition products on the market have been compounded with curcumin as raw materials. This study is the first to evaluate the potential effects of curcumin on systemic physiological responses during exercise-induced heat stress, and these new clinical trial data expand the use of Meriva® in sports nutrition. Meriva® curcumin is a patented product of Indina. It has higher bioavailability and better water solubility than conventional curcumin on the market. Several clinical studies have confirmed the safety and effectiveness of this raw material.

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