What are the benefits of ginseng extract?


What are the benefits of ginseng extract? Ginseng is a traditional medicinal plant, which has a long history of application in my country's pharmaceutical industry. Ginseng extract contains saponins, ginsenosides, essential oils, polyacetylene alcohols, peptides, vitamins and polysaccharides, which have various beneficial pharmacological effects, such as anti-cancer, anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, anti-fatigue, anti-stress and Immunomodulatory activity.

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Efficacy of ginseng extract:

1. Ginseng is a magic medicine to enhance immunity.

Stress is a factor that causes emotional tension and changes the metabolism of body functions. It is the root cause of all diseases in modern people. Long-term and severe stress will reduce the body's resistance, and even suffer serious damage, such as degeneration of adrenal function, weakened immunity, gastric ulcer, mental exhaustion, etc.

Many scientific literatures point out that ginseng can enhance physical strength and enhance non-specific resistance. In other words, when the body is in an adverse environment, ginseng can enhance the body's defenses, enhance protection, fight or regulate stressors. It is also reported that ginseng can also increase the concentration of nephrocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) and adrenal corticosterone in the blood, and increase the release of dopamine and norepinephrine in the brainstem cortex, so that the human body can regulate the changes in the environment. For modern people who are often stressed and stimulated, the anti-stress effect of ginseng can relieve part of the pressure and adjust the body and mind.

2. Ginseng has anti-fatigue, nourishing and strong effects. A

large number of experimental studies in modern times have confirmed that ginseng can improve human brain and physical strength. Physical fatigue is caused by excessive accumulation of lactic acid, which leads to the dysfunction of muscles, nerves, and blood vessels, which makes the body feel tired. And ginseng can promote the conversion of lactic acid into pyruvic acid by enhancing the ability of glycolysis, so as to provide new energy for muscle activity, relieve fatigue and improve physical strength.

3. The effect of ginseng on the cardiovascular system.

Ginseng can strengthen the contraction and relaxation of the heart, improve the state of heart failure, dilate vascular smooth muscle, stimulate blood circulation, and provide scientific evidence for the performance of ginseng to bring back to life. Some studies have also pointed out that ginsenosides can increase the level of nitric oxide in the blood and promote the expansion of smooth muscles, which can be used to treat cardiovascular diseases and respiratory diseases. In addition, ginseng has the effect of reducing blood cholesterol concentration, anti-platelet aggregation, reducing blood viscosity, dilating blood vessels, enhancing blood fluidity, and has important effects on the prevention and treatment of arteriosclerosis.

4. The effect of ginseng on glucose metabolism

Modern medicine has confirmed that ginseng has the effect of lowering blood sugar, but it can also increase hypoglycemia, which has a two-way regulation effect. The effect of ginseng on experimental diabetes, in addition to ginsenoside Rb2, ginseng polysaccharides and polyglycosides also have the effect of lowering blood sugar, these substances have complex effects on the sugar metabolism of normal and various diabetic animals, and have a regulating effect on blood sugar concentration , normalize the disordered metabolic process, so as to improve the condition of diabetes.

5. The relationship between human participation in gonadal function

Restoring sexual function must start with anti-aging throughout the body and maintain the balance of the endocrine system in the body. Ginseng has long been a good medicine for the treatment of impotence and coldness. Studies have found that ginseng can cause vasodilation, congesting the corpus cavernosum of the penis, and achieving an erection effect. It is speculated that the reason may be that ginseng can stimulate vascular epithelial cells and paravascular nerves to release nitric oxide, resulting in vasodilation.

Note: The potential efficacy and applications described in this article are derived from the published literature.

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