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One ingredient that is often seen on the ingredient list of sports drinks is taurine. Taurine was first isolated from Bezoar, also known as β-aminoethanesulfonic acid, taurocholine, and taurobilin. It is a sulfur-containing non-protein amino acid that exists in a free state in the body and does not participate in the body. protein biosynthesis. Although taurine is not involved in protein synthesis, it chemically reacts with glycine and gamma aminobutyric acid and acts as a neurosuppressant transmitter in tissues and blood.


There are generally two sources of taurine in the human body:

1. It is synthesized by itself, and the other is taken from the diet. Adults generally do not need to specifically increase the content of taurine in the diet, as long as the liver function is normal, it can be synthesized by itself.

2. Food supply, infants, especially premature infants, because the enzyme synthesis system is immature and does not have the function of synthesizing taurine, the taurine needed by the body must rely on food supply.

What are the physiological functions of taurine?

1. Taurine has the effect of enhancing myocardial contraction

Taurine has the effect of inhibiting platelet aggregation in blood circulation, enhancing myocardial contractility, and lowering blood pressure. Taurine is also used to treat heart disease and is of great help to patients with congestive heart failure. And it is also clinically used as a good drug for regulating cardiovascular disease.

2. Taurine can promote the brain development of babies

The content of taurine in the brain is very rich. Taurine can significantly promote the growth and development of the nervous system and cell proliferation. If the neonatal supplement is insufficient, it will lead to slow growth and development of young children. The taurine in breast milk, especially in colostrum It is rich in content, and infant formula milk powder also contains taurine, which is closely related to the development of the central nervous system and retinal development of the fetus and young children.

3. Taurine can fight anxiety and promote learning ability

Taurine is a human nervous system regulator, and taurine is helpful for people with bipolar disorder. Taurine can also promote learning and memory ability, improve the accuracy of learning and memory, and prevent the aging of the nervous system.

3. Taurine can improve visual function

The reason why cats and owls can prey at night has a lot to do with their vision. The main taurine of cats and owls comes from mice, and mice are rich in taurine, which can help maintain the normal visual function. , Protect vision, improve vision, and help maintain normal function of eye cell membranes.

4. Taurine has the effect of promoting fat metabolism

Taurine combines with bile acids to form taurocholic acid, which can increase the solubility of lipids and cholesterol in the digestive tract, help promote fat metabolism and absorption, and at the same time relieve bile blockage and reduce some free bile acids. Cytotoxicity, inhibition of cholesterol gallstone formation, increased bile flow, etc.

5. Taurine has the effect of promoting lowering blood sugar

Taurine can bind to insulin receptors, promote cell uptake and utilization of glucose, accelerate glycolysis, and reduce blood sugar concentration. Taurine has a certain hypoglycemic effect and is not dependent on increasing the release of insulin.

6. Taurine has the effect of inhibiting the occurrence of cataract

Taurine has important functions such as regulating crystal osmotic pressure and anti-oxidation. During the occurrence and development of cataract, the content of sorbic acid in the lens increases, and the osmotic pressure of crystal increases, while the concentration of taurine, an important substance for regulating osmotic pressure, decreases significantly. The antioxidant effect is weakened, and the protein in the crystal is over-oxidized, thereby causing or aggravating the occurrence of cataracts. Supplementation of taurine can inhibit the occurrence and development of cataracts.

7. Taurine has the effect of generating energy and eliminating fatigue

Taurine can protect the heart muscle to maintain heart function, make blood circulation normal, so as to eliminate fatigue products, so that the body can effectively produce energy. Therefore, it is often added to sports drinks and energy drinks.

Taurine is so powerful, is it possible to drink sports drinks without limit?

No, in addition to taurine, sports drinks also contain pigments, sugars, salts, and even preservatives. The purpose of energy drinks is to increase the body's excitability and provide instant energy molecules in a short period of time, so the formula usually requires There are compounds that can easily and quickly supply energy such as caffeine and creatine phosphate. The ingredients are complex, and the added ingredients have certain medicinal effects, which are not suitable for long-term or one-time drinking in large quantities. Moreover, adults with normal liver function can meet the needs of the body by relying on their own synthesis of taurine, and do not need additional supplementation.

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