Chitosan, also known as deacetylated chitin, is obtained by deacetylation of chitin, which is widely present in nature. The chemical name is polyglucosamine [(1-4)-2-amino- BD glucose, since the French Rouget first obtained chitosan in 1859, the excellent properties of this natural polymer such as biofunctionality and compatibility, blood compatibility, safety, and microbial degradability have been widely used in all walks of life. He has made great progress in applied research in many fields such as medicine, food, chemical industry, cosmetics, water treatment, metal extraction and recovery, biochemical and biomedical engineering. For patients, the effects of chitosan on reducing blood lipid and blood sugar have been reported. At the same time, chitosan is listed in the national food additive standard GB-2760 as a thickening agent and a coating agent.

Eight main functions of chitosanbenefits of chitosan

1. Weight loss and fat regulation

Chitosan is a cationic chitosan that binds to fat and bile acid in the intestine, which can block fat digestion and absorption, clear the biliary tract, reduce neutral fat and low-density lipoprotein, dissolve blood clots, prevent arteriosclerosis and Stroke.

2, beauty skin care beautiful face

Chitosan has good cell activation and moisturizing functions, which can promote metabolism and repair aging and mutant cells.

3. Strengthen the immune system and suppress tumors

Chitosan increases blood pH, enhances the quality and quantity of immune active cells, inhibits the growth of tumor vascular endothelial cells, inhibits tumor metastasis, and reduces the side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

4. Protect the liver, protect the liver, prevent drunkenness

Chitosan can activate and repair liver cells, strengthen liver function, and prevent fatty liver and hepatitis. Promote liver oxidase secretion, prevent drunkenness.

5. Good news for diabetics

Chitosan can increase the PH value of body fluids, make body fluids weakly alkaline, and can activate and repair islet cells to promote insulin secretion.

6. Prevention and treatment of high blood pressure

The positive charge of chitosan can combine with chloride ions in salt and excrete it from the body. It can also reduce the production of angiotensin II and lower blood pressure.

7. Promote the reproduction of beneficial intestinal bacteria

Chitosan promotes the reproduction of beneficial bacteria in the intestine and inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria, thereby achieving the effect of absorbing nutrients.

8. Adsorption and discharge of heavy metals from the body

Completely different from traditional medicine, chitosan is not a symptomatic treatment, it is not an organ therapy method of "headache, foot pain, foot pain", nor is it limited to the tissue therapy of traditional Chinese medicine, but it plays a role in the human body by repairing nutrient cells. . The conditioning effect of chitosan on many modern civilization diseases, chronic diseases and even many intractable diseases has also been verified by countless cases around the world.

Specifically, chitosan improves the body's physiological regulation function, strengthens the body's immune function, and exerts the natural healing power of the body. From the perspective of cell health, the use of blood and body fluid balance to achieve the effect of rehabilitation is the fundamental way to enhance human health. After chitosan enters the human body, it can deal with various diseases by activating cells, promoting metabolism, activating lymphocytes, enhancing immunity, regulating acid-base balance, etc.

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