Zinc Glycinate Anhydrous/Dihydrate
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Zinc Glycinate Anhydrous/Dihydrate

Glycine Zinc can intensify in milk foods (milk powder, milk, soy milk etc), solid drink, corn health protection, salt and other food.



Glycine Zinc can intensify in milk goods (milk powder, milk, soymilk etc), solid drink, corn health protection, salt and other food. The food industry used as seasoning agent, saccharin, though agent for the brewing, meat processing, preparation of cold drinks. 

Amino acid zinc bioavailability is high, the reason may be that the metal elements zinc and the amino acid chelate formed after the intramolecular charge tend to be neutral, but to maintain good stability within the digestive tract, under the influence of other inorganic ions, or antagonism is small, not easy to combine with other substances to form insoluble compounds or by adsorption on the insoluble gel.The two hypotheses of amino acid chelate absorption also explain the possible reasons for the higher biological utilization of amino acid zinc than inorganic zinc.It can better promote the production performance, immunity and antioxidant capacity of animals.

Functions and Applications

Test ItemsSpecification
AppearanceWhite powder
Melting point125~127°C
Specific Rotation+28°~+30°
Residue On IgnitionNot more than 0.1%
N.N - dimethylanilineComply with the standard
Phenolic CompoundsComply with the standard
Related SubstanceComply with the standard
ConclusionThis batch is complies with USP 41

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