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Inositol is an essential nutrient source for birds and mammals



Inositol, or 1,2,3,4,5,6-cyclohexanhexol is a six-fold alcohol(polyol) of cyclohexanhexol. It ecists in nine possible isomers inside generally animal. plant and microbes organization. Classified as a member of the vitamin B complex. It is made by human body in amounts considered adequate for good health, and are classified as one of essential.

Inositol is rich in fiber foods such as com,vegetables tangerines,apples,berries and raisins.Whole grain oats,whole whest bread,brown rice,walnuts,almonds,pecan and sunflower seeds.But the inositol levelis low and the cost of production is high.

Enzymatic synthesis of inositol is the world'  exclusive production technology.Waste Water in our manufacturing operations has reduced  by 90% compared to traditional way, reducing energy consumption    by50%, and the feasibilityoflarge-scale production。 Aftertheextraction of inositol,  the by-products can beused to realize  the green circulation production.

Inspect ItemQuality StandardInspection Result
DescriptionThis product is white crystal or crystalline powder, odorless, sweet, stable in air; soluble in water, insoluble in ether and chloroform.Passed Test
IdentificationThe sample solution produces rose red after identification test.Passed Test
Melting Point224.0-227.0224.0—225.5
Loss on Drying %≤0.50.05
Ignition Residue %≤0.10.01
Assay %≥97%99.47%
Heavy Metal %≤0.002Passed Test
Arsenic %≤0.0003Passed Test
Fineness %Through 1. 19mm (16 mesh) analysis sieve≥100.0100
Through 0. 59mm (30 mesh) analysis sieve≥90.0100

Functions and Applications

Pharmaceutical and Health products

Inositol is recommended for the treatment of eczema,psoriasis,diabetes, high cholesterol, atherosclerosis, depression, insomnia, anxiety, and nervous disorders.

·As one of the pharmaceutical intermediates, inositol can be used to synthesize inositol tablets, Inositol Nicotinate, vedrin table, triglyceride and Selenium rich anticancer drugs.

·Combined with sarcominoid inositol can transform fat into heat energy quickly, so it can be used as a healthy product for losing weight and reducing fat.

Food Additive and Dietary Supplements

Added into functional beverages.Inositol can recover physical strength rapidly. Added in infant formula mik powder, it can boost appetite and help body development.
As dietary supplement,inositol can promote cell metabolism and regeneration and improve nutrition.

Feed Additive

Widely used as feed additives,inositol can promote the growth of fish, shrimp crabs, and other aquatic products, improving survival rate and feed conversion ratio.Used in the animal feeds for rare birds,furbearer ornamental,cats and dogs. It can improve feather or fur to increase ornamentality.

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