Sorbic Acid
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Sorbic Acid


Sorbic acid is a natural organic compound, used as a food preservative.



Sorbic acid is widely used in food, beverage, pickles, tobacco, medicine, cosmetics, agricultural products and other industries.

Sorbic acid has high antibacterial properties, inhibits the growth and reproduction of molds, inhibits the growth of microorganisms and acts as a preservative by inhibiting the dehydrogenase system in the microorganisms, and has an inhibitory effect on molds, yeasts and many aerobic bacteria, but It is almost ineffective against anaerobic spore-forming bacteria and Lactobacillus acidophilus.

Product namesorbic acid, potassium sorbate
Outstanding properties of high effective and safe preservative sorbic and potassium sorbate
Excellent preservative properitesSorbic Acid( Potassium Sorbate) can restrain effectively the activity of mould, yeast and aerophile bateria. Restrain growth and reproduction of the pernicious micro organism as pseudomonas, staphylococcus salmonella action to restrain growth is more powerful than killing. Meanwhile, it can not restrain useful microoranganim growth ad Anaerobic-bearing barilli, acidophil therefore
to lengthen food store peroid and remain food original flavor. The preservative efficiency of sorbic acid(Potassium sorbate) is 5-10 times sodium benzoate.
High safetySorbic Acid( Potassium Sorbate) is one kind of nonsuturated fatty acid compounds. It can be absorbed by human body rapidly, then decomposed into CO2 and H2O,moreover no remaining in body.
ADI 0-25mg/kg (based on sorbic acid FAO/WHO 1994)
LD50 4920 mg/kg(large mouse by mouth)
GRAS(FDA, 182.3640 1994)
Its toxicity only 1/12 times table salts and 1/40 times sodium benzoate.
Good stabilitySorbic Acid( Potassium Sorbate) is stable in sealed staus, will not be decomposed until 270°C.
It will be oxidized into colored ones and absorbing moisture in case exposed in air for a long time.
Wide applicationAt the moment,Sorbic Acid( Potassium Sorbate) has been used extensively in food, drink, vegetables in soy, tabacco, drugs, cosmetics, agricultural products, forage and other domain. Its applicaion should be wide and wide in the world.
As acidic preservative, Sorbic Acid( Potassium Sorbate) is also used well in neutral food(ph6.0-6.5). The preservative efficiency of sodium benzoate will decrease clearly and have a bed taste while ph>4
Applicaion flexibilitySorbic Acid( Potassium Sorbate) can be used by direct adding, spraying,retting, dry spraying, using in packing material and other method.

Functions and Applications

Sorbic acid is widely used in the preservation of various cheese products such as cheese and yogurt, bakery products, beverages, fruit juices, jams, pickles and fish products.

Soy sauce, fruit jam, mermalage,0.1-1.01.Dosage is calculated on the basis of sorbic acid
man-made cream, gelose soft sweets
Low-salt preserved vegetables insoy, noodles,0.1-0.52.For concenttrated fruit juice dosage mustn's exceed 2.0
candied fruit hawcake, fruit taste juice, tinned food,
soft drink, jelly, ice-cream, pickles
Fruit juice, fruit drink, grape wine, fruit wine0.1-0.63.For Gum Base Candy dosage mustn's exceed 1.5
Carbonated wine, soda water0.05-0.23.For cooked meat(such as sausage)
dosage mustn's exceed 0.075
Dried fish products, drinks of soy bean and milk,0.1-1.0
yogurt, food of soy bean, potato chip, cake and bread
Cake stuffing, lactobacillin drink0.1-1.0
Cosm etics & toothpaste0.6-2

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