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D-xylose is a five-carbon sugar obtained by hydrolysis of wood chips, straw, corn cob and other plants rich in hemicellulose.



D-xylose has become a promising health food ingredient due to its abundant raw material sources, excellent functions and high added value.

At the same time, as a new generation of biological products, D-xylose has excellent processing properties, and can be compounded with other raw materials into capsules, granules, oral liquids, tablets and other dosage forms.

This further promotes the wide application of D-xylose in the field of health care products.

ApperanceWhite crystalline powder
Clarity and colorClear and colorless
Purity98.5% min
Loss on drying0.3% max
Specific optical rotation18.5°-19.5°
Heavy metals5 mg/kg max
Arsenic0.5 mg/kg max
Lead0.5 mg/kg max
Chloride0.005% max
Sulphate0.005% max
Sulphated ash0.05% max
Melting point147℃-151℃
PH in aqueous solution5.0-7.0
Total plate count100 cfu/g max
Coliform3 mgn/g max
Yeast&mold100 cfu/g max

Functions and Applications

1. No-calorie sweetener. For use in obesity and diabetes. Is also used to prevent fat oxidation dose, made caramel through Maillard reaction raw materials and preparation of pork and other spices.

2. Xylose on human intestinal bifidobacteria have higher proliferation, xylose consumption can improve the body's microbial environment. Improve the body's immunity. Xylose good compatibility with food, add a small amount of food xylose, will be able to demonstrate good health effects. Xylose simultaneously with calcium intake, can improve the body's calcium absorption and retention, but also to prevent constipation.

3. Used to produce xylitol.

4. Because of its obvious effect to taste, can be used for spices and pet food industry.

5. Because of its color effect is obvious to mention, can be used in the food industry golden brown color, such as butter and bread coloring.

6. Pharmaceutical raw materials and pharmaceutical intermediates.

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