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Maltitol has high sweetness, low calorie and good safety, and is often used in oral preparations, candy, food, etc.



Maltitol is obtained by hydrogenating maltose, and its relative sweetness is about 0.9 times that of sucrose. The taste is pure, close to sucrose, but it is not digested, nor metabolized by oral microorganisms, and will not cause dental caries. It is a non-calorie food sweetener. , especially suitable for diabetic and obese patients.

Maltitol is an important food additive and functional sweetener. Because of its unique physiological function and anti-caries effect, maltitol is a special food sweetener for diabetic patients, and it acts as a nutrient and adjuvant therapy for diabetic patients.

AppearanceWhite crystalline powder
Assay (%)98.0-102.0
Loss on drying (%)≤0.5
Specific rotation+23~+25°
Heavy metal (Pb) (%)<10ppm
Arsenic (%)≤0.0002
Nickel (%)≤ 0.30
Oxalate (%)<0.02
Sulfate (SO4) (%)≤0.01
Chloride (Cl) (%)≤0.003
Melting point ( ℃)166-170 °C
Residue on ignition (%)<0.1
Storagein the shade

Functions and Applications

1. Maltitol is used as a sweetener for high-fat foods such as ice cream, cream cakes, and toffee, which can inhibit the accumulation of body fat and prevent obesity.

2. Maltitol is used in the processing of chewing gum, candy, cakes, beverages and food for children and the elderly, etc. It can promote the absorption of calcium by the human body, and can prevent dental caries and senile porosis.

3. The sweetness of maltitol is soft and pure. It does not color when heated to 150℃. It does not cause Maillard reaction when heated with amino acids. It is suitable for processing high-grade hard candy, toffee, crystal toffee, etc.

4. Maltitol has excellent color protection effect, and can be used to process preserved fruits, jelly, pickles, etc., and can prolong the preservation period of fruits and vegetables.

5. Maltitol has good moisturizing properties, non-fermentation, and can be used in bread and cakes to prolong the shelf life.

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