Glucono Delta Lactone
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Glucono Delta Lactone

CAS #9000-70-8

Gluconolactone is a food additive that is a white, odorless crystalline powder.



Gluconolactone is a food additive that is a white, odorless crystalline powder. The main purpose of gluconate is as a protein coagulant, can be used for tofu production; sour agent, can be used for fruit juice drinks and jelly; preservatives, can be used for fish, meat, poultry, shrimp and other preservative preservation, Not browning, while maintaining the elasticity of meat; leavening agent, and sodium bicarbonate compatibility, mixed into a baking powder for bread food. As a chelating agent, can be used for grape juice or other berry juice, add this product to prevent the formation of tartar. For dairy products, can prevent the formation of milk.

Quality StandardE575/FCC/BP/USP
Packingin 25kgs bag
Shelf Life2 year, Keep in cool and dry place
DescriptionWhite odourless crystalline powder
Reducing substances(as sugar)%0.5max
As ppm1max
Heavy metals ppm10max
Lead ppm2max
Chloride %0.02max
Sulphate ash %0.03max
Aerobe50/G max
Yeast10/G MAX
Mold10/G max
e.coliNot available at 10g
SalmonellaNot available at 25g
Total count plate50/G max

Functions and Applications

Glucono-Delta-Lactone (GDL)

1. Using GDL as a protein coagulant to produce tofu, the texture of tofu is white and tender, the bitter taste of useless brine or gypsum, no protein loss, high tofu yield, and easy to use.

2.It is used for the production of yogurt or cheese. In industrial use, the gel strength of milk formed by acidification with GDL is about twice that of the fermented type. The amount of 0.025% to 1.5% added to the milk can make the product reach the required level. The pH of the curd and the milk gel prepared by incubation at 30°C with the addition of 3% had a similar structure to the gel prepared by lactic acid fermentation.

3. The use of GDL in canned luncheon meat and minced pork can increase the effect of the coloring agent, thereby reducing the amount of nitrite that is more toxic. At the same time, GDL also has emulsifying and antiseptic effects, thereby improving the quality of canned meat. , the maximum dosage is 0.3%.

4.GDL can be added to sweet sherbet and jelly such as vanilla extract, chocolate, banana, etc. It is the main acidic substance in the compound leavening agent, which can slowly produce carbonic gas and can produce unique flavored cakes.

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