Non Dairy Creamer
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Non Dairy Creamer

CAS #7758-11-4

Non dairy creamer is white or creamy powder dried by spray with excellent fluidity and stability.



Non dairy creamer is white or creamy powder dried by spray with excellent fluidity and stability. It is designed for rapid direct dispersion into hot consumer use beverages such as instant coffee, black tea, milk tea, cereal, seasoning & soup and infant formula. It can not only improve the color of coffee and tea, but also can make the taste flavor smoothness. 

Non-dairy creamer for milk tea, fat content: 30%-35%. 

Non-dairy creamer for coffee, fat content: 28%-35%.

Non-dairy creamer for baking, cold drinks and candy, fat content: 30%-75%. 

Non-dairy creamer for solid beverages, fat content: 20%-35%

White or pale yellow powder, free from lumps, taste-pure, typical free from off-taste; odor-pure, typical free from off-flavors or off-odors.
Chemical /Physical Analysis:
Acid value(mgKOH/g)3.0 max.0.6
Peroxide number(g/100g)0.25max0.01
Pb(mg/kg)1.0 max.0.2
As/based on As (mg/kg)0.5 max.0.01
Cu (mg/kg)1.0 max.0.4
Ni (mg/kg)1.0 max0.6
Moisture%5.0 max.3.2
ColourWhite /creamyWhite /creamy
Microbiological Analysis
Aerobic plate count (cfu/g)3000 max70
Coliform bacterial(MPN/100g)90 max.Absent
Mold, (cfu/g)30 max.Absent
Staphylococcus aureusNegativeNegative/25G

Functions and Applications

A. For coffee:

1, To modify color of coffee by its excellent whitening powder and make coffee softer;

2, To restrain bitterness of coffee;

3, To add a smooth, rich sense to coffee;

4, To make coffee more appealing;

5, uses in both coffee and cappuccino;

B. For Milk Tea:

1, To add a smooth, rich and natural creamy taste to tea without artificial essence;

2, To restrain bitterness of tea and cover possible odd taste;

3, To modify color of tea to make it glitter;

C. For cereal:

1, To make cereal smoother and improve its sence;

2, To increase creamy sense and make cereal taste more delicious;

3, To provide vegetable oil and milk protein for products to add nutrition;

D. For seasoning and soup:

1, To whiten soup and increase its thickness;

2, To improve soup sense and make it more delicious;

3, To decrease costs of products in some extent;

E. For Baking:

1. To improve texture of baking products

2. To provide better flavor to baking

3. To improve physical property of paste and make it more operable

4. To avoid aging of baking and prolong its shelf life

F. For bubble tea, oatmeal, ice cream, cakes etc

1. make the structure of cakes exquisite and increase

2. sweet milk fragrance

3. has delicate taste

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