Nicotinic Acid
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Nicotinic Acid

CAS #59-67-6

Nicotinic acid is an organic compound ,and is one of the 20 to 80 essential human nutrients.



The human body is generally not prone to niacin deficiency, but when the staple food does not contain niacin, or there is a substance that decomposes niacin in the staple food, it is easy to cause rough skin diseases caused by the lack of niacin. As a result, niacin is widely used in pasta processing, dairy and corn flour production. Adding a certain amount of niacin to food can effectively prevent the occurrence of such diseases.

ItemTechnical requirementsQ/55345680-9.1-2018Result
Identification testUV A237nm/A262nm)0.35~0.390.37
Water Content≤0.50.28
Burning besi≤0.10.04
Heavy metal(mg/kg)≤20<20
Melting point235~239236.2~236.3
Analytical ConclusionConforms

Functions and Applications

Niacin is an indispensable substance for animal growth and development. Niacin in cereal feeds mainly exists in a bound form, which is difficult for animals to absorb. Therefore, synthetic niacin needs to be artificially added to the feed. Adding an appropriate amount of niacin to the feed, feeding piglets (chickens) can make them rapidly gain weight. Feeding niacin feed to laying hens can improve the egg production rate, and the eggs also contain a certain amount of niacin, and the nutritional value is improved.>

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