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Application of erythritol in the production of milk tablets

Nov. 17. 2022

Milk tablets are a new force in the dairy market, and the market started rapidly in the second half of 2003. Because it is eaten in solid form, a large amount of alkaline saliva can be mixed in the mouth and stomach, which can neutralize gastric acid, prevent indigestion and acid heartburn, and after secondary digestion by pepsin and trypsin in the intestine, the nutrients in it The utilization rate is higher, therefore, it has been recognized by the majority of consumers in the market, especially the young consumers. At present, more than 40 domestic dairy companies have entered this market, and new milk tablets are emerging one after another, bringing more nutritional demands to consumers. Of course, dairy companies expect the market to provide more and better health ingredients in order to meet the needs of consumers more; among many functional ingredients, erythritol is characterized by its refreshing sweetness and convenient processing characteristics. It has received widespread attention from the international raw material market:

  Erythritol has extremely low hygroscopicity. During the processing of milk tablets, the moisture content of the finished product is required to be below 4%, and the hygroscopicity of the auxiliary materials is required to be as low as possible or less, so that it can be reduced as much as possible. Oxidation of fat. Compared with other sugar alcohols, erythritol does not absorb moisture under the condition of relative humidity of 95%.

  ●Excellent fluidity of erythritol Milk powder is a product with very good fluffiness. If it is not treated during the processing of milk tablets, it will affect the hardness and single grain weight of the tablet. Under the existing processing conditions, two methods are generally used to process milk powder: first, dissolve and mix fresh milk and other auxiliary materials, and control the particle size of milk powder below 80 mesh through spray drying; second, mix milk powder and other poor fluidity The materials are mixed and granulated, and the particle size is controlled below 40 mesh. The milk powder is processed by the above-mentioned processing method and then enters the tableting process for production. Erythritol is a four-carbon sugar processed by crystallization process, with low hygroscopicity, so whether it is a crystal or a crushed product, it has good fluidity and is very suitable for the processing of milk tablets.

  ●Erythritol has a high heat of dissolution. As chewable tablets or buccal tablets, consumers expect a cool taste. In the market, different products have different treatment methods. Some products are treated with peppermint oil, and some products usually choose raw materials with higher heat of dissolution to improve the coolness of the product, while the heat of dissolution of erythritol It is -43cal/g, refreshing in the mouth, and its sweetness is close to that of sucrose, which can better reduce the gritty feeling of some excipients during the product tableting process. Therefore, erythritol used in milk tablets is a very good A bulking sweetener.

  ●Erythritol has a high tolerance sugar alcohol is a very good edible sweetener for diabetics, but most sugar alcohols have the problem of low human tolerance, and excessive consumption is prone to symptoms such as diarrhea. Erythritol is currently the product with the highest human tolerance among sugar alcohol products, and its maximum human tolerance is 1.5g/kg, so it has relatively high safety.

  Erythritol has a very low calorie value. Erythritol is a four-carbon sugar. After eating by the human body, 80% of it will be excreted with the urine of the human body within 24 hours, and another 10% will be decomposed in the human intestine. Only 5% of erythritol enters the human blood to provide energy, so it has extremely low energy. In Japan, erythritol is used as a zero-calorie sweetener. Therefore, for the current low-energy product market, it is feasible to use erythritol to develop a series of low-energy milk tablets.

  In addition, erythritol not only has a broad application space in the milk tablet market, but is also widely used in foods that require tablet compression, such as soybean milk tablets, coffee tablets, table sweeteners, solid drinks, chewing gum, sugar-free hard candies, etc. Wait.

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