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Characteristics and application of fructose syrup

Nov. 21. 2022

Because the sweetness of fructose syrup is comparable to that of sucrose and has its own characteristics, its application field is wider than that of sucrose; it is not only widely used in health food, but also in household condiments and daily chemicals. In terms of the proportion structure of application varieties, 74.5% of the United States is used for beverages; 9.3% is used for bread; 4.2% is used for canned food; 8.2% is used for dairy products; 0.5% is used for candy; .3% for other food.

  Application in various beverages 1. For non-alcoholic beverages. Such drinks are also called soft drinks, mainly referring to carbonated drinks, fruit juice drinks, tea drinks, sports drinks, milk drinks, etc. Products using fructose syrup have a refreshing taste and a good flavor; they are mild and odorless, and have good transparency and no turbidity. Because fructose syrup is made with ion exchange resin, it has low ash content, very little sediment and floc, and good stability, unlike sucrose that will convert at low pH. In the recipe, sucrose can be replaced 1:1 on a dry basis.

  2. For alcoholic beverages. Including fruit wine processed with fructose syrup; such as wine, cider, fruit wine, rice wine, beer, champagne, etc. After pretreatment, the product can avoid precipitation and has good transparency. When it is prepared with high sugar content (above 20 degrees), Prominent honey flavour.

  High fructose syrup has high solubility, is easy to dissolve, and is convenient to use. It can simplify the production process for products that require reducing sugar. Because when sucrose is used for production, it is necessary to add acid to convert sucrose into fructose and glucose.

  The application of fructose in cold food increases the sweetness at low temperature, fructose syrup is very suitable for cold food. Popsicles and ice cream produced with fructose syrup have a fragrant taste. However, in the production of popsicles, fructose syrup cannot be used entirely, but should be mixed with sucrose, otherwise the freezing speed is slow and the freezing condition is not good. It is used in other refreshing beverages, and the flavor is especially good when drinking at low temperature.

  Application in bread Fructose syrup is used in bread production, and the fermentability, coking property and moisturizing properties of fructose are brought into play as advantages.

  Bread is a food fermented by yeast. Yeast uses fructose and glucose to ferment the fastest, followed by maltose and sucrose. Fructose syrup replaces sucrose candy, the fermentation reaction is fast and good, a large amount of gas is produced, and the fermentation time of bread is shortened. Due to the high gas production, the bread is soft, soft to chew, slightly moist, and has good strength and structure just like using sucrose.

  Due to the Maillard reaction of fructose and glucose during drying, the bread is easy to be colored, and a layer of burnt yellow is produced on the surface, which is beautiful and has a good flavor.

  Because fructose has good moisture retention, bread can keep fresh and soft for a long time in storage, which is beyond the reach of sucrose bread.

  Application in soft pastries and sandwich pastries

  Due to the good heat retention of fructose, fructose syrup is very effective in cake production. We have done experiments, fructose cakes are still soft after being stored for 30 days, while sucrose cakes are dry and hard after a few days. At a longer time, the surface layer crumbles, and fructose cakes lose less weight than sucrose cakes in storage.

  It is used in sandwich foods such as moon cakes. It has good flavor and no peculiar smell. The temperature of the cake core is lower than 100°C, so it will not produce burnt bitterness.

  Application in candy Fructose has good hygroscopicity and is prone to coking reaction to produce colored substances, so high fructose syrup is unfavorable for the production of candies, especially for the production of clear hard candies with dry and hard surfaces, because it will make hard candies darker in color , Stored for a period of time, the surface will absorb moisture and cause stickiness. Sorghum malt starch soft candy, agar soft candy, etc., the finished product requires high reduction content and high water content. In the past, sucrose was used in production to add organic acid to convert part of it into fructose and glucose, so fructose syrup is used to produce soft candy It is more ideal, can reduce acid conversion, and the product quality is stable. However, the ratio of sucrose replacement should not be too large, otherwise the high reducing sugar in the finished product will exceed the product quality standard.

  In the production of candy, a large amount of liquid glucose must be used with a DH value of 42 °C. There is a cooking process in the production. The temperature when the color changes and the colored matter is called the cooking temperature. The boiling temperature of grade A glucose is 155 ° C. , B-glucose is 130°C. The boiling temperature of fructose syrup is roughly equivalent to that of B-grade glucose. Therefore, it is problematic to produce high-grade soft candy, and it can produce general soft candy.

  The application of fructose syrup in canned fruit has a higher osmotic pressure than sucrose, which can prevent the juice from overflowing the fruit and help maintain the flavor of the fruit. Fructose reaches equilibrium quickly through the cell wall, which improves the stability of the process and is not affected by pH. Fructose also has an affinity with fruit, which can also prevent juice from overflowing and help maintain fruit flavor.

  Application in candied fruit and jam

  Because of the high osmotic pressure, fructose syrup penetrates quickly when processing candied fruit. The production time can be shortened, and when mixed with sucrose, the finished product has a bright color. Because of the high osmotic pressure, it is used in candied fruit and jam, and has good antiseptic properties, which is good for preservation.

  In addition, fructose syrup also has some applications, such as medicinal syrup: because fructose and glucose can be absorbed directly, it is more beneficial for patients to process medicinal syrup. Medicinal wine, using fructose syrup, has high solubility, is easy to operate, and has a good flavor. Health food, use fructose syrup to process health food for sick and weak pregnant babies; tooth decay is a common dental disease in children, use fructose syrup to process special food for children or directly use it as a sweetener for children, which will have a negative impact on children's dental health benefit. Because practice has proved that this kind of children's food is very effective in reducing children's tooth decay.

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