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Application of maltitol in sugar-free biscuits

Nov. 28. 2022

Sugar-free biscuits are baked foods with wheat flour, sugar alcohols, fats, dairy products and eggs as the main raw materials. It has a crisp taste, less water content, light weight, less sugar content, low energy, easy preservation, portability and convenient consumption. Sugar-free biscuits are the same as sugar biscuits. Due to different formulas, production processes, tastes, shapes and consumption objects, there are many ways to classify them. At present, my country has formulated a unified standard for the classification of biscuits. The specific classification is as follows: crisp biscuits, tough biscuits, fermented biscuits, crackers, cookies, sandwich biscuits, waffle biscuits, egg round biscuits, blister biscuits, sticky biscuits and egg rolls, a total of 11 types.

  Sugar-free biscuits are made on the basis of ordinary biscuits, adding sugar-free raw materials --- maltitol instead of white sugar. The sugar-free biscuit not only retains the flavor characteristics of the biscuit, but also has a more significant effect in diet therapy. Maltitol has the function of preventing dental caries, and it contains low calories. It will not increase blood sugar in the human body, can promote the absorption of calcium and reduce the formation of fat, so it is very suitable for diabetics, obese patients and people who like to be slim. . Adding maltitol to food to make sugar-free food has

  become the diet fashion of people in the 21st century. Here are some recipes for sugar-free biscuits: 92 kg of sugar-free egg yolk crisp wheat flour, 8 kg of starch, 76 kg of maltitol, 36 kg of eggs, 0.35 kg of baking soda, 260 ml of essential oil, and 4352 kg of water.

  Sugar-free egg rolls: 90 kg of wheat flour, 10 kg of starch, 100 kg of maltitol, 20 kg of eggs, 20 kg of refined oil, 0.5 kg of baking soda, 0.15 kg of vanillin, 0.005 kg of riboflavin, Ammonium bicarbonate 0.15 kg.

  Production method: The process is the same as that of ordinary egg yolk crisps and egg rolls. Using maltitol instead of white sugar does not affect its production method.

  Note: Sugar-free egg yolk crisps must use weak flour. If strong flour is used, more starch must be added to reduce the gluten content in the flour so that it meets product quality requirements.

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