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Gluconolactone is a food additive that is a white, odorless crystalline powder.


The main purpose of gluconate is as a protein coagulant, can be used for tofu production; sour agent, can be used for fruit juice drinks and jelly; preservatives, can be used for fish, meat, poultry, shrimp and other preservative preservation, Not browning, while maintaining the elasticity of meat; leavening agent, and sodium bicarbonate compatibility, mixed into a baking powder for bread food. As a chelating agent, can be used for grape juice or other berry juice, add this product to prevent the formation of tartar. For dairy products, can prevent the formation of milk.

Functions and Applications

1. It is used for protein coagulation preservation.    
2. It is used in cheese.    
3. It is used in bread and cake fluffy.    
4. It is used for color aid and antisepsis of animal products.    
5. It is used in sausage surimi.    
6. It is used for beverage flavouring gas production.

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