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Wakedool Xiong Visits Arshine Food Additives Factory

Mar. 29. 2021

On March 26, Wakedool Xiong, general manager of Arshine Food Additives, accompanied by the management team, paid a visit to the factory plant for mineral salts deriving from citric acid, glycine, lactic acid and malic acid, to learn their latest production and R&D progress.

Mr. Xiong visited the production workshop, laboratory and warehouse, and had meeting with the team to learn about the management of the factory. He noted that: "In the next five years, the company will follow the Arshine group's strategic plan, increase investment in R&D and production, and to establish the biggest production plan for Zinc Citrate and Magnesium Citrate in China. With the professional capabilities of R&D personnel and product managers to help customers solve production problems and provide more value-added services."

Since its establishment, Arshine Food Additives has been deeply developed in industries of food and beverage, health and nutrition, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical. As a company integrating production and trade, Arshine Food Additives has its own factory and R&D team. The mineral supplements can provide customers with OEM and customized services. In the future, based on the advantages of Arshine group, Arshine Food Additives will expand its sales network worldwide and serve more customers.

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