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Sodium Aluminium Phosphate (SALP)

Sodium Aluminium Phosphate is a white, odourless powder, Insoluble in water, Soluble in hydrochloric acid.


Sodium aluminium phosphate (SALP) is a chemical used in food processing. It is synthetically produced from aluminium, phosphoric acid and sodium hydroxide. As a food additive it has the E number E541.SALP has two forms: an acid form used in baking powder, and an alkaline form used as an emulsifier in processed cheese. It is used in baking powder because most of its action takes place at baking temperatures, rather than when the dough or batter is mixed at room temperature.. CAS No.:7785-88-8. is a family of sodium salts of aluminium phosphate, available as White powder.

Identification A Pass Conform
Assay % 95.0min 97.2
Loss on ignition % 15.0-16.0 15.4
Arsenic (As) % 0.0003 max Less than 0.0003
Fluorides (as F) % 0.0025max Less than 0.0020
Lead % 0.0002max Less than 0.0002
DRR (%CO2, 8minutes)     18.0-22.0 20
Neutralisation Value (NV) 96Min 99.5
Particle Size    % 1.0 max 0.5
Retained on 20Micron   Retained on 100Micron 40.0max 25
Appearance  White powder Conform

Functions and Applications

Uses: In food industry it is used as leavening agent, such as baking powder and pancake mixes.

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